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The Himalayas have inspired people. These awe inspiring mountains have made them understand the thin line that seperates them from their limits. Men have conquered the mountains but mountains have conquered their hearts. For some the Himalayas are a discovery into ones mind, the monks meditating in the caves and people who find their true soul in the Himalayas. For the nomadic herdsman, its a home, a provider, to the adventurer it is a challenge of a lifetime. Spirits soar at the Zenith, it is a highpoint of their life.

Let us see the rays of the sun hit the Kanchendzonga Range.

How about spending your New Year at Dzongri(15000 ft.). At the break of dawn of 2000, We shall be into the millenium with nothing but the pure mountain air, peace, time and most importantly the powerful mighty Himalayas.

Let us greet the new millenium at 15000 ft.

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