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Camp Sites

Camp 1 - Yuksom : 1780 m

It is a sleepy village in West Sikkim, it comes alive with the coming of the trekking season. The first capital of Sikkim, it was here that the first king of Sikkim was enthroned by three learned lamas Lhatsun Mamkha Jigme, Kahel Rigzin Chempo Nga, Pak Sempa Chempo in 1642. It is the gateway to Shangrila or Ney-Pemathang in Lepcha & Dema-zong in Bhutia, the valley of eternel youth & prosperity. Legend has that that there is a doorway to this place somewhere in the Himalayas. In the 1960's a Rimpoche(reincarnate Lama)Tarten Tarzey Lainpa of Ladakh led a group of faithful people, the villagers of Yuksom too are supposed to have joined him. After months of seaching around areas surrounding Mt.Kanchendzonga the Rimpoche unfortunately died before he could open the doors that led into Shangrila.

Camp 2 - Tsokha : 3048 m

It is a quaint little village with a Dozen houses and a monastery. This is the last human settlement along the trek route. The people of this vilage mainly depend on animal husbandary. They breed yaks and maintain stocks at higher altitudes.

Camp 3 - Dzongri : 4024 m

The sight of the mountains from this part is breathtaking. You are in the middle of an stadium and the mountains suround you as if they wanted to embrace you. The sight of these awsome magnificent mountains is enough to have one thinking of one's meek existence on earth.

  • Mt. Kanchendzonga - 8585 m,
  • Mt. Kabru - 7320 m,
  • Mt. Rothang - 6678 m,
  • Mt. Pandim - 6691 m,
  • Mt. Simvo - 6811 m,
  • Mt. Jupono - 5936 m,
  • Mt. Narshing - 5825 m,
  • Gocha Peak - 4940 m and a host of other peaks can be see for this beautiful bare place.

Photo Credit : Samdup W. Lachungpa