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Promiseland - The Travel House

The future however unknown, we dream dreams of a better world. This planet earth is our past, present and future. We look into the tomorrow we dwell in it, without thinking of the present that we live. This has led the earth to bleed. With the hope of responsible tourism we started gathering garbage, burning them and carrying what we could back from the beautiful places of the Sikkim Himalayas. People care & the love the mountains but however the cold makes them seek the warmth of beautiful fire, well a tree is lost. We look at alternative fuels to warm our clients we would rather carry an extra jacket then lose a tree. Ours is a dream of seeing a greener Sikkim, a cleaner one.

The colorful people of Sikkim would like to share a smile with you and we would like to take you there. The understanding of their religion participation in their customs would certainly make you a part of this beautiful valley of orchids. A little boy once held my hand and said that he wanted to share a story of a Yeti (The legendary snowman), for a small piece of chocolate, he went home happy. The involvement of the community is important for one to enjoy the place. The earth and its sons hold a relationship of the body and the soul.

We don't sell dreams we want to show a place hidden in the mountains hidden from the outer world. We want to share it with people who would like to preserve the environment and leave a smile on the faces of the children of Sikkim.

We support the Eco-tourism activities in Sikkim. We have been trekking in the Sikkim Himalayas for almost ten years, we belong to the ethnic tribal community of Sikkim. And yes, we are registered with the Tourism Department, Government of Sikkim & a member of the Eastern Himalaya Tourism Association.

Promiseland, P.O. Box # 126, H.P.O Gangtok, Sikkim - 737 101, India.
Phone No. ++91 3592 25504/28243
Fax No. ++1 209 396 3548